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Fusionomics assists forward thinking companies obtain improved Business Insight from their data by implementing cost-effective upgrades to their Management Reporting Systems using the latest generation Microsoft Excel and Power BI technologies

- Provide a FREE none obligatory workshop demonstrating how Power BI and Business Analytics could benefit your business

- Develop a Proof of Concept to reveal actionable Business Insight

- Work with your team to Productionise the Solution

- Provide ongoing Training and Support

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a term used to

describe a specialised class of IT software that is

dedicated to Reporting and Analytics

Companies need to report on their activities both to

comply with legal requirements and to provide their staff with

the information and insight needed to run their businesses

BI solutions are much better at extracting and presenting

key  Business Insight than conventional reporting solutions

and now, thanks to new generation technology, BI is now

accessible to all companies

companies BI is highly cost-effective

Insight – What’s the Value?


Insight is crucial to business success

and can give a company a competitive advantage.

Insight into customer behaviour can lead to a better

understanding of market trends and identification of

emerging opportunities and threats, particularly in fast changing environments

A Reporting platform can

become the eyes and ears of your company

and support decision making at all levels.

BI is applicable to companies of all sizes

 New Generation BI – a Disruptive Technology



Traditionally BI has been expensive with only larger companies able to afford it. However, new generation Self Service BI is a Disruptive Technology that is far cheaper to acquire and use. It offers tremendous competitive advantage to companies prepared to take up the challenge

The Power BI Revolution

Power BI is Microsoft’s offering in the new wave of Self-Service BI technologies with a dual strategy of high capability combined with low cost



Power BI comes in a number of flavours. It can be implemented as an extension of Excel; as a standalone Power BI Desktop application or as a Cloud Service

Further, companies can mix and match these to suit their specific requirements

Power BI Technical Highlights

Business Intelligence involves obtaining data from multiple sources, consolidating, re-formatting and loading it into a Data Model and then creating reports and dashboards to provide the required Business Insight. Power BI provides innovations that ease all aspects of this process

Power BI Benefits

Power BI brings multiple benefits:

One of the great features of Power BI is that it can be introduced incrementally at low risk and cost, ramping up only when your staff are ready

       With Microsoft Power BI, cost-effective Business Intelligence

is now accessible to all companies

Don’t miss this opportunity to position your company as a front-runner in the 21st Century

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